Customs pledges support for locally-made vehicles

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Adewale Adeniyi, has pledged support for locally-made vehicles, saying supporting such initiatives will enhance economic growth.

He made his comment after taking a test drive to one of the factories for made-in-Nigeria vehicles.

This was disclosed on their official X account formerly Twitter on Friday.

Adeniyi was quoted as saying, “This is our Nigerian products and we owe ourselves, we owe Nigerians the obligations to give them a chance. We cannot continue to only depend on things that we import, particularly automobiles”

“so every effort is been made through several concessions and the only way to support them further is to see how we can put their product into use and this is the first step that we have taken.

“We will have to consider all the other factors around the procurements and then we will be very happy to strike some partnership deals with them. So this is a very good start. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen. I drove it over a distance and we negotiated good speed, good acceleration.”

The Sales Manager at Mikano Motors Abuja, Hassan Ghandour, assured customers of the seats’ appeal, affordability, and variety of options.

He emphasised plans to supply the Nigerian Customs with premium quality products.

He said, “This visit is actually to show what we can supply to Nigeria customs and how we can support as well. By providing good quality products, we can provide very affordable products.

“We are not only supplying cars, we are giving warranty to our products, the warranty is up to six years for 200,000 kilometers for any manufacturing defect to give them as well insurance that we are here to support our client for after-sales service, for spare parts as well.”



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