Coronavirus: See what British Kids did with mum’s 18 stockpiled toilet rolls

As Coronavirus pandemic scare is forcing families across the United Kingdom to stay home, most of them have been stockpiling toilet rolls.

However, one could not be but sympathize with a mum whose and purchase supply of 18 loo rolls were destroyed in a matter of minutes after her children got hold of them.

The children laid hold of the 18 rolls, they thought dumping all in the water was much more fun.

Taking to Twitter , journalist Ed Cumming shared the unfortunate picture.

He wrote: “My friend bought 18 loo rolls and her kids put them all in the bath.”

The accompanying image shows a bath clogged with loo roll and a number of colourful bath toys.

The loss of the valuable supply struck a chord on social media as many sympathised with the bad timing.

One person joked: “Give the kids a rolling pin, a bucketful of the mush and a washing line. Should keep them busy.”

Another added: “with that and their propensity to randomly lick things you have to wonder which side they’re on…”
Aldi boss limits purchases and issues bulk buying warning to shoppers.

It comes as panicked shoppers have been overloading their trolleys with essentials including toilet paper and pasta as fears intensify over the spread of Covid-19.

Supermarkets have limited the sale of certain items including pasta, baked beans and UHT milk.

Strict restrictions on when supermarkets can deliver to people’s homes will also be scrapped to help retailers meet the increased demand.

At present, coronavirus has claimed the lives of 35 people in the UK, while the number of cases rose by 251 to 1,391.

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