Coronavirus: How young people are seizing the chance to fly cheaply

Two passengers walk past a Qantas jet at the International terminal at Sydney Airport on March 10, 2020 in Sydney, Australia.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on businesses particularly airlines, as corporations have made flight ticket within reach of those who could not afford it previously.

As flight schedules are scaled down and airline stocks plunge, carriers are offering deals that have put air travel within reach for people who usually can’t fly.

A report has reached Checkout Magazine of how some young persons are willing to seize the opportunity to fly, thereby defying the odds of Coronavirus.

If coronavirus gets really dangerous, “I might as well be somewhere having fun,” one California college student said.

Henkel, 20, is taking advantage of cheap flights to see North America. She lives in California’s Central Valley, but this summer she’ll be in Vancouver, New York City and Portland, Oregon.

For Capri Nicole, 27, the discount flights offered something more meaningful than a getaway: a chance to see her grandma, who is sick with cancer, next week on her 71st birthday.

She wrote on Twitter, “Okay I know the world is in a state of panic but flights are cheap AF. I definitely just booked a flight to see my grams for her birthday.”

“There’s sicknesses everywhere,” Nicole said. “I could get a disease today unrelated from the virus.”

Nicole says she isn’t worried about getting sick.

“If I die, I die. I miss my family.”

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