Building collapse not ending soon- project managers

The Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria has raised an alarm over the threat of building collapse in the country.

The organization warned that the trend would continue if the government refused to engage project managers in construction activities.

Enforcement of safety regulations and use of shoddy materials have been highlighted after a high-rise building under construction collapsed in the Ikoyi District of Lagos, killing at least 45 people in 2021.

Ten people were killed when a three-story building collapsed in the Ebute-Metta area of Lagos in May 2022.

An architect and a fellow of the CIPM, Otunba Dejo Olawoye, described Nigeria as a country with the highest number of abandoned projects in Africa.

He stated these on Friday in Abuja during the induction of about 100 members who were inducted into the CIPM, a statutory organization, established to train, approve and discipline all project managers within the nation.

He said, “Nigeria is a country with the highest number of abandoned projects in Africa, maybe in the world. Most 65 percent of the projects were started 20 years ago and never completed.

“Even the ones that were completed are the ones that were not well managed. It’s one thing to do projects, it’s another thing that serves its purpose.

“In the last year, there have been many more collapsed buildings than ever in Nigeria; this a failure of government engaging project managers.

“Project managers are the end of every project that make sure that the project is done and benefits are coming from it.”



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