British woman jailed in Portugal moans ‘very hard’ prison conditions

A British septuagenarian jailed in Portugal over a £1million cocaine smuggling plot has bewailed the “very harsh” conditions in prison.

Sue Clarke, 71, complained that she is only given water to drink – and is annoyed that the guards in the Lisbon prison don’t speak English.

She was arrested with husband Roger, 72, when cops found nine kilos of coke in the lining of four suitcases Roger was handed on St Lucia last December.

In a letter to a friend, Sue wrote: “It’s very hard here, especially with the language difference.

“I’m in a room with four other women and only one speaks English. It is very cold. There is no heating at all.

“We only get one hot drink a day, with breakfast, then water with lunch and dinner.

“I can honestly say that we had no idea what was happening until the police in Portugal searched our luggage.

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