Bodyshaming comments won’t make me depressed –Eniola Badmus

Actress, Eniola Badmus, says online comments on her weight from trolls will never lead her into depression.

Badmus who has been a target for bodyshaming comments online also revealed the reason she responds to those comments.

Speaking to Saturday beats during an interview, she explained that her decision to respond to those comments was driven by a need to shut those trolls whom she described as “toxic”.

Her words, “It is not everything I can talk about but sometimes, some things get to me. I have developed a tough skin over time but I am also human. When things become overwhelming, I have to express myself and pour out my thoughts. Everyone has a threshold on different matters. The way people go about body shaming is hilarious. I did not come into the industry as a skinny girl. I have always been a chubby girl. It is now when I am trimming down that the comments are coming.

“I know I have not seen the end of this and I cannot control people’s opinions. However, I think it is important to caution body ‘shamers’. The pressure that comes with these things is too much and could lead to depression. I tell people that I can never be depressed, no matter how much they troll me. I would rather put my energy into partying. Some of the responses I gave to hateful comments about my weight were not because they got to me to the point of committing suicide. It was just to shut up toxic people.
People on social media feel they have a right to talk to one in certain ways. You need to see the volume of messages I get every time.”

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