Angry Dad confronts Boris Johnson over NHS ruin

Uk prime minister, Boris Johnson has been confronted by angry father of a sick child who told him the NHS is being “destroyed” and declared: “My daughter nearly died yesterday”.

The parent of a sick child challenged Boris Johnson over the effects of his government on the NHS during a hospital visit.

The Prime Minister has been booed and called out for not being in Europe to try to negotiate a Brexit deal at press calls all around Britain. Now his latest confrontation with a member of the public may be the most damaging yet. Johnson was confronted by the angry parent, who told him there were not enough doctors and nurses.

In a conversation lasting around two minutes, the man said the situation was “not acceptable”.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Mr Johnson was visiting public services to see for himself the reality of the situation.

He said the man was understandably “very distressed” and the Prime Minister was “not going to hide away from those circumstances when he goes on these visits, and so obviously is keen to talk to people and empathise and see what he can do to help”.

“It’s also a reminder of why exactly he is so keen to make the NHS a priority and make sure it’s getting the funding that it requires.

“This is why we’ve recently invested an additional £1.8 billion into frontline services and are upgrading 20 hospitals across the country,” the spokesman added.



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