Alaafin’s body was buried according to tradition – Bashorun

The Bashorun of Oyo (Traditional Prime Minister) Chief Yusuf Ayoola says the burial of Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola (Adeyemi III) conformed with tradition.

The high chief who is the head of the Alaafin-in-Council (also known as Oyomesi), cleared the air on the controversy over the way the late monarch’s body was handled on Saturday.

He explained that the body of the royal father, being a Muslim, was brought to the public to allow Islamic clerics to pray on it before interment.

According to the Bashorun, doing so did not contradict tradition. He, however, insisted the remains could not be buried in public.

Chief Ayoola said: “Kabiyesi was a Muslim. What was important is that Muslim clerics needed to pray on his body before it is taken to Ile nla (Kings’ burial site). The body was taken indoors to prepare for burial according to tradition.

“People should not expect to witness Alaafin’s burial like those of other obas. Alaafin’s burial is different. So, is that of the Ooni. Oyo is a town ingrained in Yoruba culture. We do things according to Yoruba tradition, and that was why the body was buried by tradition.”



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