6 Philadelphian Police gunned, 2 injured at drug raid

No fewer than six police officers have been gunned down and two others were trapped in a house during a drug raid in the Nicetown area of the Pennsylvania city as it turned into a dramatic shoot-out on Wednesday night.

Police said officers carrying out the drugs warrant were forced to escape through windows to escape “a barrage of bullets” from the gunman who kept firing the SWAT truck parked outside the home as the dramatic shoot out continued into the night following the raid at 4.30pm on Wednesday (9.30pm UK time).

The six injured officers were rushed to hospital and two others were left trapped inside the house where the shooter was firing from.

Local police sergeant, Eric Gripp however urged people to stay out of the neighbourhood as the situation remained active after hundreds of rounds were exchanged in the shoot-out.

Meanwhile the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Richard Ross said that the SWAT team at the scene were later able to rescue the two officers who were held hostage.

“They rescued the officers and three suspects by stealth, without the gunman knowing they had entered the home,” he said.

Police moved in about five hours into the standoff and the suspect was taken into custody.

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