Saudi Arabia discards law for Ronaldo

Saudi Arabia is projected to bend its laws which disallow non-married couples to cohabit for Al-Nassr’s new player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reports have revealed that Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez will be permitted to live together without punishment.

Ronaldo met Rodriguez in 2016 while plying his trade with Spanish giants, Real Madrid and they have lived together as marital partners but without marriage, having five children.

A report by Daily Mail, on Friday, said that Ronaldo who moved to Saudi Arabia already living with his spouse may not be sanctioned by laws.

According to the report which quoted two separate Saudi lawyers, the appropriate authorities are expected not to become involved in Ronaldo’s situation.

“Although the laws still prohibit cohabitation without a marriage contract, the authorities have begun to turn a blind eye and do not persecute anyone. Of course, these laws are used when there is a problem or a crime,” one of the legal practitioners said.

Daily Mail quoted the second one saying ”The Saudi Arabian authorities, today, do not interfere in this matter [in the case of foreigners], but the law continues to prohibit cohabitation outside of marriage.”

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