Over 400,000 Nigerians in diaspora get NIN

The percentage of Nigerians in diaspora who have gotten their National Identification Numbers rose to 25.17 per cent in May 2023.

Since the National Identity Management Commission launched its diaspora enrolment exercise in 2019, it has successfully registered 427,962 diasporan Nigerians.

At least 1.7 million Nigerians were living in the diaspora according to the World Bank. The global bank disclosed this in its ‘The World Development Report 2023: Migrants, refugees, and societies’, report.

In its May 27, 2023, update, NIMC revealed that the number of diasporan Nigerians in its database hit 427,962, with 178,799 females and 249,163 males.

When NIMC launched the service, it said the exercise was aimed at capturing Nigerians living outside the country into the National Identity Database, ensuring they benefitted from the owning NINs. Without NINs, diasporan Nigerians could not renew their passports, and enrolment was not free.

The commission said, “Nigerians abroad, however, also have the choice of enrolling for free whenever they travel back to Nigeria, provided they have valid passports.

“Where, however, their passports have expired, they must obtain their NINs as a prerequisite for renewal of their Nigerian international passports or to acquire new passports.”

The service is available in 77 foreign countries according to a list on NIMC’s website. 40 of these countries are African, nine are in Asia/Middle East, 23 are in Europe/Oceania, and five are in the American region.

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